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Andy Bradford amb-plug at bradfords.org
Fri Mar 10 18:05:49 MST 2006

Thus said Sasha Pachev on Fri, 10 Mar 2006 14:20:07 MST:

>   * write a program in the language  of your choice that will output a
> list  of unique  words and  their counts  found in  an arbitrary  file
> (given as  an argument to your  program) that are also  present in the
> English  dictionary.  Write two  versions  of  the program:  one  that
> requires  the minimum  development time  on  your part,  and one  that
> executes as fast as possible. Benchmark both versions.

Here's my quick and dirty one-liner in shell:

for I in `strings filename.txt`; do blah=`echo $I | sed -e 's/[^a-zA-Z]//g' -e '/^$/d'`; if grep "^$blah$" /usr/share/dict/words; then echo $blah; fi; done | awk '{ a[$1]++ } END { for (b in a) printf("%-15s %6d\n", b, a[b]); }'

Make sure you change ``filename.txt'' and ``/usr/share/dict/words'' appropriately.

I'll get the optimized version when I get more time. :-)

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