Avoiding bitrot

Steve smorrey at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 16:53:20 MST 2006

Howdy everyone,
I've recently been appointed "family archiver", and now have a stack
of family home videos some dating back as far as the 50's & 60's that
were copied to VHS from the 80's through until the year 1997 and then
ripped to various digital formats in 2002 or there abouts.
This collection represents some 2000 hours of family moments.

I figured for this coming christmas (which is about how long it will
probably take me to convert and burn them), I would like to burn these
to a DVD collection I can then give to the others in my family.

Fortunately most of the stuff has already been ripped from VHS to
either AVI or WMV, and most of the WMV stuff is just duplicated AVI

Ideally I would like to find a linux program which can do both the
conversion to VOB and  then the burning, but I have a sneaky suspicion
that nothing at this time can do both.
Since I have K3B which can do the burn operation, I'm curious to know
what you would suggest to handle the conversion to VOB or whatever
format it is that the majority of DVD players can handle now.

Thanks in advance!

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