Jason Holt jason at lunkwill.org
Fri Mar 10 16:34:42 MST 2006

On Fri, 10 Mar 2006, Hans Fugal wrote:
> I know the ruby community does a weekly quiz, and I think at least one
> other community does as well. We could appoint a quizmaster and have a
> multi-language quiz every so often. Then we could discuss different
> languages with concrete examples in addition to or perhaps in place of
> the flames...

Here's another fun one: print a bar graph (optionally text-only) of letter 
frequency for any given input text file.  We made that one of the first 
programming labs in the data security class -- I think the longest of the 
entries was over 250 lines of Java or C# code.  In class we got one down to, 
IIRC, 5 (short) lines of perl.


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