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Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Thu Mar 9 10:41:36 MST 2006

What if you try with Breezy and see if hotplug resolves things for you
automagically.  At least you could inspect what hotplug did to fix it.

On 3/9/06, Andrew Jorgensen <andrew.jorgensen at> wrote:
> I have one of those USB phone handsets.  It's a usb-audio device and
> an HID device (with an LCD display even ;-).  Unfortunately the HID is
> not a keyboard, it's a more generic HID event device.  So anyway,
> there's a specific driver for the HID called yaelink that translates
> the HID events to keyboard events.  The trouble is that if the generic
> hid driver is already loaded (for some other device that was plugged
> in earlier) that driver claims the device and the yaelink driver is
> never loaded.
> So the question is: What gives?  Presuming I want the generic driver
> to also be present (for other devices) is there no way around this?
> Who's fault is it?  udev? the kernel?  I'm using Ubuntu Dapper
> (development).  They don't use hotplug anymore, only udev.
> Any ideas?
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> Andrew Jorgensen
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