Linux modules question

Andrew Jorgensen andrew.jorgensen at
Thu Mar 9 08:34:33 MST 2006

I have one of those USB phone handsets.  It's a usb-audio device and
an HID device (with an LCD display even ;-).  Unfortunately the HID is
not a keyboard, it's a more generic HID event device.  So anyway,
there's a specific driver for the HID called yaelink that translates
the HID events to keyboard events.  The trouble is that if the generic
hid driver is already loaded (for some other device that was plugged
in earlier) that driver claims the device and the yaelink driver is
never loaded.

So the question is: What gives?  Presuming I want the generic driver
to also be present (for other devices) is there no way around this? 
Who's fault is it?  udev? the kernel?  I'm using Ubuntu Dapper
(development).  They don't use hotplug anymore, only udev.

Any ideas?


Andrew Jorgensen

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