Forum/Bulletin Board Recommendations?

Daniel C. dcrookston at
Wed Mar 8 23:01:27 MST 2006

Beehive allows HTML posting and does so without security risks.

It also allows you to run multiple forums easily.

One of my pet peeves about phpBB is that you can't respond to a single
post; you can only respond to the entire thread.  If you've never had
the option to reply to a single post it may not seem like a big deal,
but it's huge.  By itself it isn't that big of a deal, but when you
combine it with the ability to see only threads that have posts to you
in them, it makes keeping up with a busy forum much easier.

Beehive also changes the way that threads can be listed.  In phpBB,
the thread with the most recent post is at the top.  This tends to
drown out less-popular threads in favor of those with the most mass
appeal.  (It also leads to countless stupid "bump" posts.)  If you're
trying to have a conversation in a thread with one or two people in a
forum with hundreds of visitors, when you come back tomorrow that
thread is going to be buried.  You'll have to go looking for it, too -
page after page of drivel just to find that one conversation that
interests you.

With Beehive, you can view only the threads you've posted in, only
threads with activity today/this week/this month, only threads with
posts to you, etc. etc.  If an active thread bores you, you can ignore
it and never see it again.

Also, whenever you visit a thread, it remembers where you were last
time you saw it.  phpBB threads force you to wade through things
you've already read to get to the most recent posts.  If a thread
you're following receives 100 posts between the time you sign off and
the next morning, you either need to remember what page you were on or
go looking for it.

Also Beehive came to my birthday party and brought the biggest present
and I'm going to marry it.


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