Forum/Bulletin Board Recommendations?

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Wed Mar 8 22:24:07 MST 2006

On Wed, 8 Mar 2006, Ross Werner wrote:

> What kind of "frightening security breaches" are we talking here, out of 
> curiousity? I mean, let's say (hypothetically speaking) I was running a phpBB 
> on remote hosting on a computer I didn't even have shell access to (I don't 
> even think it's set up to allow PHP to run commands), and I do nightly 
> backups of the phpBB data. Do I have anything at all to worry about?
> 	~ Ross

The breaches I was referring to were the ones that other people replying 
to this thread were mentioning.  I am not quite sure I understand the 
scenario you presented.  Most web servers are run on "remote" machines, if 
by remote you mean that you are not sitting at the actual machine.  The 
most recent big security bug can be read about here:

At the time that came out there was a lot of hoopla about how buggy and 
unsecure phpBB is.  Of course the phpBB dev team quickly had a fix and 
life went on.  No system is perfect.  Most people probably know more about 
phpBB bugs because of how well known phpBB is.

I hope this helps.  Your mileage may vary, of course.


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