Forum/Bulletin Board Recommendations?

Jeff Schroeder jeff at
Wed Mar 8 11:39:39 MST 2006

Doran wrote:

> But, recently we had a client who had phpBB and was concerned that it
> was RIDDLED with security issues. We did some research and
> recommended:

I second that-- I've had several clients using phpBB and they were all 
cracked using well-known exploits.  The package itself is actually 
quite nice, easy to install, and very popular, but there have been 
repeated security problems.  Unless you're willing to always stay atop 
the latest patches  and watch for newsgroup postings about new security 
holes, I'd recommend against using phpBB.

I've been responsible for maintaining an installation of Phorum 
( and found it to be a piece of junk.  The 
configuration files are non-intuitive, the way it handles certain 
things is non-sensical, and we found we couldn't upgrade the 4.x 
installation to the new 5.0 version because we'd lose all of our 
attachments!  Since we had about 10GB of attachments, that was 
unacceptable and we migrated to...

vBulletin, which is NOT free software.  It's open-source, in a way, 
because when you buy a license you get the PHP code and can hack it 
however you want.  The license isn't too expensive, and the software is 
very nice.  It's highly customizable-- all using CSS and database 
changes-- and includes extras to migrate from Phorum and (IIRC) phpBB.

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