PHP broke :(

Stephen Ward sjward at
Tue Mar 7 14:26:03 MST 2006

Hi again.  First of all, let me apologize for failing to trim my last
message.  Second of all, let me say that I got it working.  I decided
to force a re-emerge of both apache and mod_php, as had been
suggested.  So I ran "USE='apache2' emerge -vDa net-www/apache

After that, I tried to fire up apache2 again, and this time it
complained about not being able to load  I removed the
line that was trying to load mod_ruby and BING...all was well again!

I don't care too much about getting ruby to work at this point; I'll
keep wrestling with it on my own.  But I was just curious to know if
there are any known issues with running Ruby on Apache2.

Thanks for the help, folks!

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