PHP broke :(

Stephen Ward sjward at
Tue Mar 7 13:41:49 MST 2006

> Most likely you were upgraded to version 5.  Try emerge mod_php -av

That doesn't seem to be the problem.  Here's a portion of the output
on "emerge mod_php -av":

Calculating dependencies ...done!
[ebuild   R   ] dev-php/mod_php-4.4.0-r9 ...

> Have you run revdep-rebuild?

I gave that a shot just now and here are the last few lines of output:

These are the packages that I would merge, in order:

Calculating dependencies ...done!
[ebuild   R   ] dev-python/gnome-python-extras-2.10.2

Nothing about PHP.  Just gnome-python-extras. :(

> Try "emerge -p --depclean | grep -i php" in particular.

That command resulted in zero output.

> BTW, use dispatch-conf rather than etc-update.  dispatch-conf
automatically keeps a record of changes.

Cool.  I'll have to remember that one.

For my next trick, I'll try "emerge -vuD net-www/apache
dev-php/mod_php", as Jason suggested.

One thought did just occur to me.  I can't remember what I was
emerging, but I seem to recall fairly recently (in the past month or
so) emerging something and noticing that as a dependency it needed to
emerge version 1 of apache, so now I have both versions 1 and 2
installed side by side.  Could there be some sort of conflict going on

In case this may be related, when I try to launch apache1
(/etc/init.d/apache start), I get rather a similar error, except this
time it fails to load  In fact, I think that maybe
ruby/rails was what I was emerging when I noticed apache1 being

Could these items be related?

On 3/6/06, Shane Hathaway <shane at> wrote:
> Stephen Ward wrote:
> > A couple of days ago, I plunged my gentoo box into the black hole of
> > "emerge -e world".  (I was upgrading gcc.)  Now, unfortunately, I
> > can't get apache (v2) to load mod_php anymore.  I can't say for
> > certain that this problem is related to the gcc upgrade, but they did
> > temporally coincide.
> >
> > At any rate, here is the error message I get:
> >
> >  * Apache2 has detected a syntax error in your configuration files:
> > Syntax error on line 6 of /etc/apache2/modules.d/70_mod_php.conf:
> > Cannot load /usr/lib/apache2/modules/ into server:
> > /usr/lib/apache2/modules/ undefined symbol: ap_signal
> Have you run revdep-rebuild?  It searches all of the .so files, looking
> for dependencies broken by an upgrade, then rebuilds the packages with
> broken files.
> Is "dev-php/php" in your world file (/var/lib/portage/world)?  If
> "emerge -e world" didn't rebuild it, there's a good chance PHP is not
> actually listed in your world file.  Note that dev-php/php seems to be
> PHP4, while dev-lang/php is PHP5.  Make sure you're asking for the one
> you want.
> Use "emerge -p --depclean" to find out what packages would be skipped by
> "emerge -e world".  On a clean system, "emerge -p --depclean" should
> list no extraneous packages, but note that "emerge --depclean" is often
> too zealous about uninstalling packages, so be careful.  Try "emerge -p
> --depclean | grep -i php" in particular.
> BTW, use dispatch-conf rather than etc-update.  dispatch-conf
> automatically keeps a record of changes.
> > Any ideas?  Help me, Obi-PLUG-Kenobi.  You're my only hope!
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> Shane
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