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Thanks for the reply.
I will try creating a /boot partition and see if that helps.
I can access the Windows partition now that I re-installed SuSE.  
Thanks for the link.  I was not aware of it.  It looks good,



On Mon, 2006-03-06 at 20:57 -0700, Erin Sharmahd wrote:

> > Can I set up a Windows / Gentoo dual boot system? How is that done?
> I don't see why you wouldn't be able to dual-boot.  I've never done it,
> but it shouldn't be that different from any other dual-boot...
> > I have Windows XP installed, created my partitions for Linux (SWAP
> > and /) and tried the Gentoo install (as I have done sucessfully with
> Unless the instructions for the Gentoo install have changed, you
> probably want a /boot in addition to SWAP and /.  /boot isn't
> *necessary* per se, but, at least when I installed Gentoo, the
> instructions assumed you made one, and so if this is your first time,
> I'd do it...  
> > SuSE).  I mounted /dev/sda1 (my windows partition) to /mnt/gentoo/boot
> > and it seemed to work fine with the installation until I got to "Code
> > Listing 15: Running genkernel" (# genkernel all).  At the end it said it
> > could not copy to /boot.  I rebooted and the boot loader was all messed
> > up.  I reinstalled SuSE to fix it so I could access Windows.
> Can you actually access your windows partition still?  What you did was
> try to install your linux boot partition on top of windows, which is not
> what you wanted to do.  The reason it probably errored out is that I'm
> guessing your windows partition was NTFS, and genkernel was kind enough
> to error out rather than doing nasty stuff to your windows partition...
> > I see that GRUB setup is not until later.  I also have RAID 1 with SATA
> > drives.  I didn't see anything in the Gentoo manual about setting up
> > RAID drives.
> You shouldn't need to mount your windows partition at any point of the
> install -- even for GRUB setup...  grub-install doesn't require that the
> destination partition be mounted (at least, it never has for me).  As
> far as RAID, I'd be surprised if gentoo didn't talk about it... It may
> not be in the install documentation, but in my experience, the gentoo
> documentation is the best there is, and I have a tendency to go there
> even though I'm not running gentoo when I need a really good explanation
> of something that's not distro-dependent....  
> I didn't look very deeply, but the 1st, 3rd and 4th results all look
> like they should answer your question...  I'm sure if you look a bit 
> farther down the list, you'll probably find more... 
> ~Erin
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