PHP broke :(

Stephen Ward sjward at
Mon Mar 6 22:04:49 MST 2006

A couple of days ago, I plunged my gentoo box into the black hole of
"emerge -e world".  (I was upgrading gcc.)  Now, unfortunately, I
can't get apache (v2) to load mod_php anymore.  I can't say for
certain that this problem is related to the gcc upgrade, but they did
temporally coincide.

At any rate, here is the error message I get:

 * Apache2 has detected a syntax error in your configuration files:
Syntax error on line 6 of /etc/apache2/modules.d/70_mod_php.conf:
Cannot load /usr/lib/apache2/modules/ into server:
/usr/lib/apache2/modules/ undefined symbol: ap_signal

And here are lines 5, 6, and 7 of 70_mod_php.conf:

<IfModule !sapi_apache.c>
        LoadModule php4_module    modules/

I have found surprisingly little information on this from my trusty
friend Google, and it is driving me nutzoid (I sure like that word). 
FWIW, this is what my USE vars look like:

USE="-qt -kde gnome gtk hal howl nvidia nsplugin"

Any ideas?  Help me, Obi-PLUG-Kenobi.  You're my only hope!

Ray tracing rules:

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