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Mon Mar 6 20:57:15 MST 2006

> Can I set up a Windows / Gentoo dual boot system? How is that done?

I don't see why you wouldn't be able to dual-boot.  I've never done it,
but it shouldn't be that different from any other dual-boot...

> I have Windows XP installed, created my partitions for Linux (SWAP
> and /) and tried the Gentoo install (as I have done sucessfully with

Unless the instructions for the Gentoo install have changed, you
probably want a /boot in addition to SWAP and /.  /boot isn't
*necessary* per se, but, at least when I installed Gentoo, the
instructions assumed you made one, and so if this is your first time,
I'd do it...  

> SuSE).  I mounted /dev/sda1 (my windows partition) to /mnt/gentoo/boot
> and it seemed to work fine with the installation until I got to "Code
> Listing 15: Running genkernel" (# genkernel all).  At the end it said it
> could not copy to /boot.  I rebooted and the boot loader was all messed
> up.  I reinstalled SuSE to fix it so I could access Windows.

Can you actually access your windows partition still?  What you did was
try to install your linux boot partition on top of windows, which is not
what you wanted to do.  The reason it probably errored out is that I'm
guessing your windows partition was NTFS, and genkernel was kind enough
to error out rather than doing nasty stuff to your windows partition...

> I see that GRUB setup is not until later.  I also have RAID 1 with SATA
> drives.  I didn't see anything in the Gentoo manual about setting up
> RAID drives.

You shouldn't need to mount your windows partition at any point of the
install -- even for GRUB setup...  grub-install doesn't require that the
destination partition be mounted (at least, it never has for me).  As
far as RAID, I'd be surprised if gentoo didn't talk about it... It may
not be in the install documentation, but in my experience, the gentoo
documentation is the best there is, and I have a tendency to go there
even though I'm not running gentoo when I need a really good explanation
of something that's not distro-dependent....
I didn't look very deeply, but the 1st, 3rd and 4th results all look
like they should answer your question...  I'm sure if you look a bit 
farther down the list, you'll probably find more... 


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