Gentoo questions

Ron Rafajko bluediamondboy at
Mon Mar 6 17:21:53 MST 2006

A few newbee Gentoo installation questions that I could not find the
answers to, if you have a moment.

Can I set up a Windows / Gentoo dual boot system? How is that done?
I have Windows XP installed, created my partitions for Linux (SWAP
and /) and tried the Gentoo install (as I have done sucessfully with
SuSE).  I mounted /dev/sda1 (my windows partition) to /mnt/gentoo/boot
and it seemed to work fine with the installation until I got to "Code
Listing 15: Running genkernel" (# genkernel all).  At the end it said it
could not copy to /boot.  I rebooted and the boot loader was all messed
up.  I reinstalled SuSE to fix it so I could access Windows.
I see that GRUB setup is not until later.  I also have RAID 1 with SATA
drives.  I didn't see anything in the Gentoo manual about setting up
RAID drives.


~ron in AF

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