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Derek Carter goozbach at gurulabs.com
Mon Mar 6 13:25:14 MST 2006

Derek Carter wrote:
> Corey Edwards wrote:
>> On Thu, 2006-03-02 at 12:42 -0700, Stuart Jansen wrote:
>>>> Cons:
>> Stuart, Evan, Derek, ... :P
>> Corey
> well actually...
> just Stuart and Evan...
> me leaving is the main reason for the job opening
well, it seems that quite a few of you are wondering at why I'm leaving 
Guru Labs and if it is worth applying...

short answer:
     I got a REALLY good offer somewhere else doing something else. And 
YES!!! it's worth applying.

long answer:
     this job requires a lot of travel, and frankly I was getting tired 
of not having any weekends. Nor a social life. My new gig is at the 
Florida Dept of Health, as project lead for a large scale linux 
migration. Of course the pay is a bit better, but the lack of travel was 
the biggest piece of the decision to leave GL.
     As far as the job at Guru Labs... There isn't a BETTER place to work.
   (this is going to sound a bit egotistical) It's nice to work at a 
place where you're not the "Smartest one here (tm)". I've loved the fact 
that if I haven't done it, chances are that someone else at the office has.
   Dax and Bryan aren't really bosses as much as they are co-workers who 
sign your check.
   And if you dig travel... you'll be in hog heaven. It's been nice to 
see the country on someone else's dime.

so yes, it's worth it to apply at GL whomever gets the job is lucky indeed.

my 2pence

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