JBoss: Windows vs Linux and a Solaris boot issue

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 14:24:36 MST 2006

On 3/6/06, Ryan Bowman <ryanlbowman at gmail.com> wrote:
> We run MS SqlServer 2000 running on Server 2003, jboss connects to the
> db with the jtds driver 1.0.3, or 1.2 depending on which problems we
> want to fight with that day (again, another story).

Just so I don't make assumptions...  The Linux box is connecting to a
seperate MSSQL server over the network.  Likewise, the 2K3 server is
connecting to a seperate MSSQL server over the network.  Correct?

> CPU utilization is low, around 3-5%, although it'll sometimes spike to
> 15%, and on rare occasions maybe to 30% but only for an instant.

Ok.  The system is virtually asleep.  I have a new request then.

When you get a chance to run your app in Linux under some load execute:

netstat -s
top -n 1
...as well as the original...
netstat -tn | grep -v ESTABLISHED

> Yeah, that's what we want to know, and so far it doesn't look like any
> of them.  The linux box as oodles more memory, same processors,
> they're only acting as jboss servers, the win box has a 3-Ware raid
> controller, running RAID-5, the linux box has an Adaptec raid
> controller, also RAID-5, both servers were purchased from the same
> @#()*&$!% so I'm pretty sure they're the same type/size hard drives.
> I don't think we've looked at the network in detail yet, but it should
> be the same for both,

I think when you run the above commands (please send the output of
each) we're going to find out that the CPU is waiting on something
most of the time.  My guess is that you are hitting your kernel's
currently set TCP/IP stack limits on max open TCP connections and the
TIME_WAIT problem I described before is the issue -- or -- for
whatever reason, you're JDBC connection to the MSSQL server isn't
retrieving data as fast as the 2K3 server is.


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