Exchange alternative good enough for prime time?

Barry Roberts blr at
Sat Mar 4 20:25:07 MST 2006

On Sat, 2006-03-04 at 18:06 -0800, Carl Youngblood wrote:
> I'm wondering if it's possible to use completely open-source technologies
> speaking to Outlook to reproduce the experience of MS Exchange.  I have
> heard that you can use WebDAV and LDAP to replace the contact management and
> shared calendar features in Outlook, and of course you can use IMAP for
> email.  Has anyone taken all these steps and can report on their
> success/failure?  Are there any other client apps out there that are good
> enough for prime time that incorporate mail/calendar sharing/contact
> management all in one package and run on windows?  I have done some research
> and found some candidates, all of which are in a very alpha phase of
> development:
> Chandler
> Thunderbird with Lightning integrated cal/task features:
> Evolution for Windows

You said you want something that works with outlook, but then you cite
other clients.  So I'm not sure if you're looking to replace outlook or
get a server that works with it, but here are some things I keep my eye

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