Statistics Software

Dennis devel at
Fri Mar 3 15:59:41 MST 2006

Erik R. Jensen wrote:
>>> I need to run some numbers through a few statistical processes and see
>>> if I can learn or find anything.  Anyone know a good package that will
>>> run on Linux that can help?  A good program for general statistical
>>> calculations would probably be sufficient.
> I thought this looked interesting:
Well, I installed R and ran the demos.  It looks powerful but also has a
big learning curve.  (Not yet sure I want to invest the time.)

Salstat looks promising but it is very up front about how much it isn't
done yet.  They haven't updated in since 2003 though.

I'm looking to plug some vectors of numbers in and be able to find
statistically significant portions via a few different test.  Chi2,
student-T, anova stuff like that.

I know OO.o and Excel have some of that ability but they just don't cut
it (OO.o is actually really really slow on my machine and I haven't
figured out why)

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