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Fri Mar 3 10:39:53 MST 2006

On Fri, Mar 03, 2006 at 06:40:08AM -0700, Stuart Jansen wrote:
> Don't user RH9. Just don't. It doesn't support SATA. It doesn't
> support all kinds of modern hardware. It doesn't get bug fixes. It
> doesn't get security updates. Would you use Windows 98? Of course
> not! So why use RH9?
> This is probably for work. Tell your bosses they're being too
> cheap. If a vendor only supports RH9, drop kick the vendor.

I can think of several legitimate reasons why a client might want to
stick with an older version of a distribution. Some involve custom
apps built for a specific environment, certification (i.e., CAPP/EAL4)
and contract requirements, overhead involved in migration to new
versions (especially when the machines are not connected to an
external network), and so forth.

A co-worker of mine still runs the 2.4 kernel on his MythTV (v. 0.16)
Slackware box, simply because the thing ``just works.'' He is more
likely to patch his kernel for SATA support than try to hoist his
kernel to the 2.6 branch; it would simply save him time and effort.

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