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Merrill Oveson moveson at
Thu Mar 2 23:19:24 MST 2006

Here are some choices to check out.
I can't say as to the OS, however.

SPSS - very simple, yet powerful - gives a spreadsheet interface - Should be
available in BYU stat and Family Studies Majors, ie. Econ, Psych, etc
computer labs - probably in the Marriott School of Management as well.

SAS - the almightly!  must know how to program in SAS - Available in BYU
stat and Family Studies Majors, etc

Shazam - must know how to program in Shazam

Spreadsheets - spreadsheets such as excel contain a number of statistical

Are you going to do regressions (ARIMA, dummy variable, etc), discriminate
analysis, crosstabs,  t-scores, what?
Is the data purely numerical or categorical?

Let me know, I've been doing statistical based market research since 1992.
Maybe I can help.

On 3/2/06, Dennis <devel at> wrote:
> I need to run some numbers through a few statistical processes and see
> if I can learn or find anything.  Anyone know a good package that will
> run on Linux that can help?  A good program for general statistical
> calculations would probably be sufficient.
> -Dennis
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