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Thu Mar 2 16:17:15 MST 2006

I'm MStar on Utopia and while DHCP WAS problematic for awhile, every
since I paid for a static IP addy the issue seems resolved... Please
note, my computer is still using DHCP and my DHCP assigned IP addy has
survived a few months now, even though it is not my static IP. 
Basically the short of it is, I bought a static IP and then never used

On 3/2/06, Andrew McNabb <amcnabb at> wrote:
> I've heard about people having problems with iProvo and the DHCP
> servers.  When I was talking to companies last week, I got someone at
> MSTAR who was very helpful (relatively speaking).
> If any of you are an MSTAR customer on iProvo who is being forced to pay
> extra for a static IP because of broken DHCP, give me your name and
> phone number, and I'll send it on to this person at MSTAR.  She promised
> to take care of it.
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