Longest. Ethernet. Ever.

Omniflux omniflux+lists at omniflux.com
Wed Mar 1 15:33:21 MST 2006

Michael L Torrie wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-03-01 at 07:19 -0700, Dave Smith wrote:
>> Pluggers,
>> What's the longest Cat5e cable you have run from your ethernet switch to 
>> a computer? I have a link that may require about 200 meters, but I know 
>> that 802.3 says 100 meters is the max. Repeaters of any kind are, 
>> unfortunately, not an option for this installation. Can I increase the 
>> distance by getting a GigE switch?
> Our longest runs of Cat 5E are about 500 to 600 feet or more.  We run
> them at 100 Mbs with no problems whatsoever.  Note that the theoretical

I have a 750 foot run between a Netgear switch and an old 10Mb hub and 
can see no noticeable difference in speed between accessing computers on 
  the near and far sides of the link (from the 10Mb side).


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