Longest. Ethernet. Ever.

David B bavibs at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 07:52:38 MST 2006

One more crazy idea for you...

Search google for "POE", you can run power over wires 45,78 and power a 
switch at the 100 meter mark (inside a weather proof tuperware box). 
Then try to force your nic to 10mbit. 

That way you can run the normal data traffic over pins 12,36 like they 
always are. If you are doing 10mbit you should be fine. Most switches 
run fine with only 4 wire at 100mibt as well.

That should get you going. 

Dave Smith wrote:

> Pluggers,
> What's the longest Cat5e cable you have run from your ethernet switch 
> to a computer? I have a link that may require about 200 meters, but I 
> know that 802.3 says 100 meters is the max. Repeaters of any kind are, 
> unfortunately, not an option for this installation. Can I increase the 
> distance by getting a GigE switch?
> --Dave
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