Longest. Ethernet. Ever.

David B bavibs at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 07:38:42 MST 2006

It depends on lots of factors. Your best bet is to force your computer 
nic to 10mbit half duplex.  Your very best bet is to not use a switch 
but use two computer nics talking to each other in 10mbit half duplex.

The main question is why the limitations? My guess is you need it done 
cheap (under $50) right?

If you have a little more money you could try point to point wirless.  
this will probably cost you around $150 and have a max speed of  8 mbit 
or so depending on what equipment you buy.

If you have alot more money, lookinto multi mode fiber, or long range 
ethernet, or dsl.

Dave Smith wrote:

> Pluggers,
> What's the longest Cat5e cable you have run from your ethernet switch 
> to a computer? I have a link that may require about 200 meters, but I 
> know that 802.3 says 100 meters is the max. Repeaters of any kind are, 
> unfortunately, not an option for this installation. Can I increase the 
> distance by getting a GigE switch?
> --Dave
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