Publishing flamebait [Fwd: Pragmatic Bookshelf releases "From Java To Ruby"]

Gregory Hill Gregory_Hill at
Fri Jun 30 08:39:52 MDT 2006

> I wrote a rails app and looking back, I think a big piece of the
> performance thing is in wise use of :include in object fetches (if you
> do not use :include, then rails will never do joins and will always
> separate queries in each table). It's all too easy to code up
> that does no sql joins at all.

Well, that would be a big factor, but just regular Ruby code is
interpreted very slowly compared to other similar languages.  But the
same could be said for Java when it was as old as Ruby.  I imagine the
same could be said for a lot of dynamic languages (note: I know Java is
not dynamic, I'm referring to Perl, PHP, etc) in their early stages as
well, but I am too young or unfamiliar with them to know.  It'll likely
get better over time.  If not, Perl 6 might finally see the light of
day, and from some accounts it is roughly twice as fast as Perl 5.  And
then Python programmers will still bash it, and Perl programmers won't
care what Python programmers think, and the cycle will continue :)


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