non-phone-line internet options in Lehi

gregfelix at gregfelix at
Thu Jun 29 15:21:03 MDT 2006

Quoting Wade Preston Shearer <lists at>:

> > I've lived in Lehi for two years and have been using airwired.  I've
> > been quite happy with the uptime, and price.  You also have a static
> > Internet IP for external access.  I have no info on any other ISPs
> > there.
> Interesting (in regards to price). From the shopping around that I  
> have done this morning, AirWired (now Utah Broadband) is the most  
> expensive.

That is possible since I only shopped around two years ago.  I might be
grandfathered into a lower price now.  My downloads are going between 1024Kbps
and 1500Kbps (128KB/s-187KB/s) both ways.  They're now asking for $45-$60/month
for that, but I'm paying $35.

Rapidwave's site says 4-5Mbps (4096-5120Kbps) down and 1Mbps (1024Kbps) up for
40$ a month.  That's faster for around the same price.  I'd think about changing
if I needed more speed (which I don't) and had the cash for another setup fee.

Good luck in choosing,

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