Publishing flamebait [Fwd: Pragmatic Bookshelf releases "FromJava To Ruby"]

Carl Youngblood carl at
Thu Jun 29 13:21:51 MDT 2006

On 6/29/06, Michael L Torrie <torriem at> wrote:
> Dr. Scott Woodfield in the BYU CS dept is one person who will blow
> anyone out of the water using vim.  Watching what he can do with vim
> amazes me.  Honestly, eclipse would just slow him down (although he
> might be using eclipse for nice build-tool integration these days; I
> don't know).

Would you be willing to do a screencast of Dr. Woodfield's vim magic
sometime?  That would be great.  I bet a half-hour session with audio
would easily be long enough to learn all sorts of awesome tricks.


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