Publishing flamebait [Fwd: Pragmatic Bookshelf releases "FromJava To Ruby"]

Alan Young alansyoungiii at
Thu Jun 29 10:19:53 MDT 2006

>> > But what if I need to make a urgent fix from my SSH enabled phone/PDA?
>> Then you are not developing "enterprise" level production systems that
>> need to go through a proper QA cycle with load testing and integration
>> testing.

Careful with that brush!

> True. And I do understand (and yearn for) the proper QA cycle and all
> that. But sometimes the bosses say "We're losing $X,000 each minute
> while this is broken... fix it!" You patch it quick, then put the
> solid fix through QA. There's room for both.

At my current employer we use a controlled QA cycle.  *Nothing* goes
live without QA at least performing a cursory test on it.

While there are always ways around this model, 99.99% of the time (yes,
I know, I grabbed that number out of my ... the air--but it's pretty
close.  Ask Jayce^)

Even with all that there are still times where we have a rush job ...
live is waiting for qa is waiting for development.  We still get "We're
losing $X thousand dollars a minute on this! Fix it!"

Being able to access the code via any means (a PDA whilst at dinner or a
movie) rather than a proprietary one is still preferable.


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