Publishing flamebait [Fwd: Pragmatic Bookshelf releases "From Java To Ruby"]

Carl Youngblood carl at
Thu Jun 29 09:11:25 MDT 2006

Rails uses a share-nothing architecture, just like LAMP, and can scale
to kingdom come.  At Omniture we used PHP and MySQL to scale far
larger than most of the so-called enterprise applications out there.
Have you ever had to deal with millions of INSERTs per minute?  I
have, and I'm here to tell you that it can be done with LAMP, Rails or
any other share-nothing architecture.

On 6/28/06, Barry Roberts <blr at> wrote:
> How can you have a real enterprise-level web-based application
> framework in a language without real threads?  Are all Ruby app
> servers on single-processor machines?

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