YAPJ (Yet Another Perl Job)

Jason Hall jayce at lug-nut.com
Thu Jun 29 09:14:43 MDT 2006

Ain't it great seeing the plethora of job openings on the list again?   Now to 
add another:

My company (United Online) is looking to hire another developer to work with 
me in the Billing development Department.  This means you can get paid to 
work on a good GPL billing system, and gain a lot of knowledge in the 
process.  The pay levels are great here, bennies are excellent.

Oh yeah, dont' forget to mention I'm referring you :)

Full Description Follows:

Billing Operations Engineer: Web Services, Orem UT 

About United Online Web Services 
United Online Web Services, Inc., a division of United Online, is a leading 
provider of web hosting solutions through a number of brands including 
FreeServers, BizHosting, 50Megs, GlobalServers, FreeStats and SiteTracker. 
The company has been providing hosting solutions to millions of people since 
its inception in 1995, specializing in personal, small business, eCommerce 
and VPS websites. 

In addition to providing leading web solutions, United Online Web Services 
provides advertisers and partners the vehicle to connect with website 
visitors and owners. With more than 4.3 million website owners and hundreds 
of millions of impressions available each month, United Online Web Services 
is a powerful and effective network of Internet users. 

United Online Web Services is located at the base of the beautiful Wasatch 
Mountains in Orem, Utah. For more information about United Online and its 
Internet subscription services, please visit www.untd.com.

The Opportunity:
Our products are subscription based. Our customers can try our services for 
free, but to increase functionality they upgrade to a paid product. The 
billing system tracks, invoices, and bills our customers. This naturally 
involves an emphasis in extremely efficient code that does not have any bugs 
or errors.
The billing and reporting team maintains a very visible and critical system. 
This Software Engineer position is integral in maintaining this system, as 
well as working on projects that move our products and technology forward to 
accomplish the company’s business objectives.
• Handle projects that involve and integrate with payment processing and 
subscription upgrades.
• Ensure accuracy in all processes through effective use of accounting 
• Interface effectively with other teams, as necessary, to implement projects 
per schedule.
• Ensure system quality by unit testing, writing automated test scripts, and 
supporting QA staff to test software systems.
• Assist in system configuration and support application deployment (including 
occasional after-hours support during major deployments).
• Maintain software development and integration environments.
• Investigate, test, and implement 3rd party libraries and packages.
• Resolve software problems by analyzing and updating billing code.
• Propose and implement solutions to improve and optimize the current 

The Job Requirements:
• A strong understanding of Perl (3+ years) and object oriented development 
(5+ years).
• Strong experience writing, maintaining, and documenting perl modules. 
• Strong experience in Perl CGI and mod_perl in a commercial application 
• Must have experience in SQL, Perl/DBI/DBD- heavy database work (PosgreSQL 
• Must have experience with payment processing systems.
• Experience with Perl Test library or similar build and unit testing 
• Extensive application development and support experience with commercial 
applications and/or supporting servers in a high load environment.
• Understanding of financial systems, limitations, and challenges.
• Experience in load forecasting and load testing.
• Experience with source control software, such as CVS and Subversion.
• Ability to multi-task and manage time amongst simultaneous projects.
• Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.
• High levels of organization and attention to detail.
• Must be able to work in a team environment.
• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university or equivalent 

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