Publishing flamebait [Fwd: Pragmatic Bookshelf releases "FromJava To Ruby"]

Ross Werner ross at
Wed Jun 28 22:01:00 MDT 2006

On Wed, 28 Jun 2006, "Jacob Fugal" wrote:
> But what if I need to make a urgent fix from my SSH enabled phone/PDA?
> What if I'm at home instead of work and don't have Eclispe installed,
> or at least not all the plugins I need?

Figured I'd throw in my two cents here. I'm (to blow my own horn rather 
unabashedly) proficient in both vim and Eclipse, and Eclipse has only 
barely managed to drag me away from editing Java files in vim.

Eclipse integrates well with ant ("make" for Java, for the unaware), so 
it's fairly easy to have your entire web project set up in Eclipse (using 
the Tomcat plugin so you don't have to recompile or restart Tomcat or 
anything whenever you make a change) alongside an ant build script that 
will deploy your web app in a similar fashion. That way you can do all 
your editing and debugging from within Eclipse, but if push comes to shove 
(and all you have is your PDA) you can edit a file with vim and redeploy 
all from the command line. Best of both worlds.

As far as the benefits of an IDE (like Eclipse), I'll second the notion 
that you just have to see it in action. I'm not sure what exactly emacs 
can do, but vim can't hop through a dozen files following the flow of code 
execution just by clicking on method names. If I want to see all the files 
that call a certain public method, with vim I'd likely have to grep and 
hope I don't get any false hits. With Eclipse it's a simple key 
combination and never any false results. If I change the name of a class 
or a method or a variable, Eclipse will change every reference in the 
entire project.

Like Jacob, I'm not saying that a text editor is better than Eclipse or 
vice-versa, just trying to be informative and let people know what's 

 	~ Ross

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