Solaris Printing Issue (subject corrected and additional details)

Joel Finlinson joel at
Wed Jun 28 16:45:46 MDT 2006

Hi again,

Any help with our Solaris printing issue at the Weber County Library
with our Solaris printing issue is greatly appreciated.

Here is our problem:  When we print any ASCII files from our Sun server
the results are a page of text with a line border around the  text (see
attachments).  We have determined that the issue is not with our
networked printer, HP4350, as the same file sent from an older Sun
server or our various Linux servers does not print a border around the
text.  A typical print command that causes the border would be "lp
/etc/hosts."  The resulting page has a line border around the text.

We have looked at lp filters, printer configuration files,
documentation, man files, Internet, etc.  We have changed a filter,
a2ps, which removed the border but the font size was too small and we
didn't know or see how to change it to be larger.  We are currently
using the "netstandard_foomatic" filter.

We appreciate any help or insights you can send our way.


Theron Stock

Theron Stock
Weber County Library
Email:  tstock at

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