Publishing flamebait [Fwd: Pragmatic Bookshelf releases "From Java To Ruby"]

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Wed Jun 28 15:38:56 MDT 2006

On 6/28/06, Justin R Findlay <justin at> wrote:
> That sounds kind of biased.  Java as far as I know isn't OSS anyway.

Download Sun's Java source here:

Sun has committed to "open source" Java.  Technically it already is,
but they are trying to go a step further and either relese it as GPL
(read more here:,
or some other widely accepted OSS license.

> Is that truly disadvantaged, to have your language crippled without an
> IDE?  Perhaps this is an advantage of Ruby.

No more crippled than C# or C++.  You can still write Java code with a
text editor, but most do not.  So when you measure productivity
between Java (or C#) and some other language it doesn't make sense to
compare the language in a uncommon text-editor-only situation.

> I can't say much for IDEs since I've only used kdevelop to make some C++
> projects, but I find that when I write code it involves a lot of
> creating and manipulating of text.  I've never found a better interface
> for that than vim.  Even the best IDEs could hardlay add to anything to
> the power of vim's text editing with it's builtin regex and extensive ex
> library of commands, macros, tab completion+tab pages, extensive syntax
> highlighting, code folding, extensibility, etc., so there must be
> something else you are thinking of.

You really need to use a modern IDE to understand.  KDevelop is nice,
but it is basically kate (another text editor).  There is so much more
than just text editing when it comes to code.  Code is more than text,
code is structured.  You can refactor code, browse through
methods/classes like hyperlinks, inspect class heirarchies,
auto-format code, auto-complie and validate as you type, apply bulk
manipulations, auto-generate common code snippets/patterns, etc., etc.
 And debugging your code with a good visual debugger is night and day
more productive than using a command-line debugger.  It's too bad you
weren't at my Eclipse PLUG presentation.  I could have show you the
endless benefits of a good IDE.


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