Publishing flamebait [Fwd: Pragmatic Bookshelf releases "FromJava To Ruby"]

Grant Shipley gshipley at
Wed Jun 28 15:08:27 MDT 2006

On 6/28/06, Gregory Hill <Gregory_Hill at> wrote:
> For web development, I'd rather be able to log in to the
> server on a shell, code a fix, and be done in less time than loading up
> Eclipse, when such a scenario is needed.

I just tried this.

1) Load eclipse with numerous plugins (UML editing, WTP, AOP Builder,
Maven plugins, SVN plugin, KonsoleStart plugin, Profile plugin)
2) open a jsp file (cntrl-shift-r some.jsp)
3) make a quick <h1>hello<h1>
4) click save

24.31 seconds

1) ssh username at host
2) cd /usr/local/dev/tomcat-www/node1/webapps/wapps/myapp/WEB-INF/jsp
3) vi some.jsp
4) make a quick <h1>hello<h1>
5) :wq

30.93 seconds

I called your bluff.

Eclipse will be even faster as the fix because more complex and you
need typing long function/method names (Autocompletion etc etc etc).

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