Eclipse is very nice, but :(...

Jonathan Ellis jonathan at
Wed Jun 21 12:58:52 MDT 2006

On Wed, 21 Jun 2006 09:29:31 -0500, "Michael Halcrow" <mike at>
> On Wed, Jun 21, 2006 at 10:10:11AM -0400, dave at wrote:
> > The Linux kernel code base doesn't have inner clases.
> Well, then that explains its wild success. ;-)
> > When your function *starts* at the two-tab indentation level
> ...your language is fundamentally broken to begin with.
> Whitespace is a wonderful metric by which to measure the quality of a
> language. That is one of the reasons why Python is not too shabby.

Please don't drag Python into your bizzare "any language that nests
things sucks" world. :P

C++ is history repeated as tragedy. Java is history repeated as farce.  --Scott McKay

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