Eclipse is very nice, but :(...

Alan Young alansyoungiii at
Tue Jun 20 09:20:26 MDT 2006

Mark Hobson wrote:
> Should you change to spaces, it's a pain to change back to tabs - I
> personally prefer tabs at 5 spaces (and in vi - around 8 spaces) - and using
> Tab/Shift+Tab is a lifesaver.  Whenever I open code with spaces, the first
> thing I have to do is change the spaces to tabs.

This isn't directed at you personally, you just got lucky in being the
proverbial straw.

There isn't any reason for these discussions on style or formatting!

There are any number of programs that will automatically and reliably
re-style and re-format a program in whatever way you want.

Instead of trying to convince people to use "the one true path" we
should be focusing on getting people to use these programs.

I realize that this causes problems for version control systems (e.g., a
reformatted program loses annotation in cvs) but there are ways to
handle even this.

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