Eclipse is very nice, but :(...

Ross Werner ross at
Mon Jun 19 17:25:56 MDT 2006

On Mon, 19 Jun 2006, "Gregory Hill" wrote:
> I've tried doing 4-space, and 2-space tabs, spaces instead of tabs, etc.
> I think I'm going to go back to tab characters.  It makes the file
> smaller, and whoever reads the code can see it however they want to see
> it by setting their own tab-stops.  I never understood why people are so
> anal about formatting; I can't recall ever being inhibited in reading
> someone's code based on how many spaces they use and where they put the
> brackets.

I've also decided that the whole tabs/spaces argument is pretty pointless. 
Both camps agree that you should use spaces for alignment (if you don't 
agree, I'll happily spend several long rants convincing you), so no matter 
which you use for indentation, any editor should be able to trivially turn 
one into the other for viewing, and reverse the process for saving (so 
that CVS or whatever you're using doesn't whine about all the changed 

The only peeve I have is when files contain *both* tabs and spaces for 
indentation. Ewwww.

 	~ Ross

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