Nohuppin way!

Kyle Robinson ky.robinson at
Mon Jun 19 15:57:16 MDT 2006

I'm betting that console spew is eating up memory since it's never going
anywhere.  Try piping all console spew to /dev/null 2>&1, then nohuping.

On 6/19/06, Steve <smorrey at> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I have been using nohup to daemonize a game server, problem is that
> when I eventually need to restart the game server, killing the process
> is NOT freeing the RAM
> I'm using kill (pid).
> Anyways, another oddity is that when I use nohup the gameserver
> process is slowly consuming more and more ram, however if I don't
> nohup it I do not suffer this problem, or at least it's not noticable.
> I would very much like to be able to start the gameserver, then close
> my SSH session, however other than nohup I cannot think of an
> alternative that gives me that flexbility.
> The game server features a "console" mode that it goes into by
> default, and was never really designed to be run as a daemon, but
> other than the console spew I cannot see any reason why the process
> could not be daemonized.
> I was hoping someone here may have some suggestions as to what else I may
> use.
> Thanx in advance!
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