Eclipse is very nice, but :(...

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Should you change to spaces, it's a pain to change back to tabs - I
personally prefer tabs at 5 spaces (and in vi - around 8 spaces) - and using
Tab/Shift+Tab is a lifesaver.  Whenever I open code with spaces, the first
thing I have to do is change the spaces to tabs.  

Anyhow, that's just my rant on personal preference.  (Incidentally I also
dislike the "if" block without brackets that is so common in javascript
code, but we'll save that one for another time).

But to answer your question - in Eclipse 3.2, you can open
Window...Preferences, then go to Java...Code Style...Formatter and load the
profile.  A new window will open and you can select to use tabs or spaces,
as well as setting the tab width.  And if it helps, try the MyEclipse plugin
- it's a cheap plugin (29.95/year) but has full support for most servers
(Jboss, tomcat, oracle, jrun, weblogic) as well as it's own editors (html,
jsp, xml, etc).  And it has easy an easy way to change between tabs and

- Mark Hobson 

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Fellow Eclipse users, (you can ignore this email if you are not one):

Eclipse is great and has all the goodies I need in an open source, code
completing, block collapsing IDE.  I finally have it fully configured for
and would like to use it for PHP, Python, etc.  But there is one fatal flaw:
I can't seem to find a way to change tab to spaces.  I need specifically to
change tab to three spaces, (so that when I type tab, I get three spaces).
The code is much cleaner this way and there are many current and possible
future clients who require this.  I have tried both Eclipse 3.1 and 3.2 and
do not find this feature.  Please tell me how to change this setting, or, if
possible an easy work around.  Please don't tell me about the "Displayed tab
width" setting.  This is for display only and does not effect the actual
text.  Sorry if I sound upset, it's because I am frustrated with this huge
oversight and/or sloppily excluded feature.

-Ed Felt

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