[UPHPU] Eclipse is very nice, but :(...

C. Ed Felt ed at thefelts.net
Mon Jun 19 12:51:50 MDT 2006

Jonathan Duncan wrote:

> On Mon, 19 Jun 2006, C. Ed Felt wrote:
>> Fellow Eclipse users, (you can ignore this email if you are not one):
>> Eclipse is great and has all the goodies I need in an open source, 
>> code completing, block collapsing IDE.  I finally have it fully 
>> configured for and would like to use it for PHP, Python, etc.  But 
>> there is one fatal flaw: I can't seem to find a way to change tab to 
>> spaces.  I need specifically to change tab to three spaces, (so that 
>> when I type tab, I get three spaces). The code is much cleaner this 
>> way and there are many current and possible future clients who 
>> require this.  I have tried both Eclipse 3.1 and 3.2 and do not find 
>> this feature.  Please tell me how to change this setting, or, if 
>> possible an easy work around.  Please don't tell me about the 
>> "Displayed tab width" setting.  This is for display only and does not 
>> effect the actual text.  Sorry if I sound upset, it's because I am 
>> frustrated with this huge oversight and/or sloppily excluded feature.
>> -Ed Felt
> I am using the PHPeclipse plugin for Eclipse.  I have a setting in my 
> preferences called "Insert spaces for tab (see Code Formatter 
> preference page".  I get to it in my preferences window by going to:
> -PHPeclipse Web Development
>     -PHP
>         -Typing (tab)
> I am using Eclipse 3.1.1 on Mac OSX 10.3.9 with PHPeclipse version 1.1.8.
> hth,
> Jonathan

Thanks for your help.  I solved my Python issue with Pydev.  I solved my 
PHP issue by uninstalling whatever not very good php-ide I had installed 
and installing PHPeclipse.  Much better.  Thanks for all the info on 
Eclipse configuration from everyone.  Thanks also to everyone else for 
the unnecessary, sometimes slightly abrasive, yet entertaining comments.

-Ed Felt

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