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Lonnie Olson fungus at
Mon Jun 19 12:51:00 MDT 2006

On Jun 19, 2006, at 11:57 AM, C. Ed Felt wrote:

> C. Ed Felt wrote:
> I did find that PyDev does have the three spaces replace the tab  
> setting I need.  But this doesn't solve my PHP issue.
> <sarcasm>Perhaps when an over abundance of time magically appears I  
> can hack the source code for the php-ide plug in.</sarcasm>
> <crickets>Any more suggestions?</crickets>

Ok, Bryan's post tells you that the option is Plugin specific.  This  
means you should tell us which plugin you are using.  Without that  
information we can only guess.

Jonathan Duncan told you how to do it using PHPEclipse.  Since you  
are still complaining about a solution we must assume it isn't  

> You are right.  Your PERL plug in provides this extra  
> functionality.  My problem is that the default text editor for  
> Eclipse does not provide this feature.  Unfortunately, neither does  
> the popular PHP plug in nor does pydev, (Python plug in).

Hrm, I always thought PHPEclipse *was* the "popular" PHP plugin.  And  
Jonathan Ellis already answered the PyDev part.

More reason to tell us definitively what PHP plugin you are using.


P.S. The Tab character was created for a reason.  It is cleaner, and  
fulfills it's purpose well.
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