[OT] Re: Who modified my local variable?

Michael L Torrie torriem at chem.byu.edu
Tue Jun 13 16:24:33 MDT 2006

On Tue, 2006-06-13 at 16:07 -0600, Gregory Hill wrote:
> > Perhaps because lisp is one of the few reasons there is any science in
> > computer science.  Programming C/C++/Java/ruby/python/perl is not
> > computer science.
> Maybe not, but the 2nd half of that list is a lot more fun.  I like
> having fun.

Well one of the refreshing things for me about learning python is that
the old concepts I learned when using Scheme for a class suddenly become
not only valid but useful too.  There are many aspects of python that
remind me of my scheme days including functional programming, lists and
list processing, and meta programming.  Things like lambda expressions
allow you to do all kinds of need things that are intellectually
appealing, clean, and logical, even if they aren't necessarily efficient
from the CPU's point of view.  Seems to me that "conventional" languages
end up sacrificing proper computer science in order to better utilize
our current computer architectures (a good trade-off).  LISP techniques
provide a certain elegance that are very appealing.  Now a coder would
probably find himself hindered by LISP-isms.  

As for the second half, I've had much more fun programming in python
because of the LISPisms than in any other language I'm used so far (I am
a weird one who really enjoys using C and even asm).  I will learn Ruby
sometime down the road too as I hear some folks think it takes the best
of python and goes even farther.

> Greg
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