Who modified my local variable?

Michael L Torrie torriem at chem.byu.edu
Tue Jun 13 12:30:49 MDT 2006

On Tue, 2006-06-13 at 11:17 -0600, Michael L Torrie wrote:
> Python is the exact same way.  variable names are simply bindings.  In
> Java, C++, and other languages, the idea of variables and variable names
> are used interchangeably, which leads to a lot of confusion (as we have
> seen).  As I learn python, I suddenly realize that all of the theory I
> learned in CS 330 (Intro to Computer Languages, or Scheme) suddenly
> becomes very applicable.  In Scheme we spent a huge amount of time on
> bound vs free variables, etc.

Actually, based on the posts here from Dave and other, Java would appear
to be more like python and ruby than C.  The variables are passed by
value (and may point to an object), so while the variable may be bound
to an object that is mutable, if you rebind the variable, you are no
longer referring to the original object. 

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