Transparent Compression

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Mon Jun 12 14:43:50 MDT 2006

On Mon, 12 Jun 2006, Ryan Nielsen wrote:

> I'm currently backing up data using rsync over ssh to remote hard drives. 
> Those drives have filled up quite quickly.  Has anyone worked with 
> transparent compression on file systems?  Does it work well?  Are there any 
> risks?  I'm not (at the moment) worried about speed, just space.  Is there a 
> better way to do this?

How about an extra hard drive?  I just picked up a 320gb for $120.  Do you 
need to be saving all this data cumulatively or can you use rsync to 
overwrite previously saved data?  Is this like a nightly backup or a 
additionaly data to large and growing project?  Usually, compression is 
more of a problem that it is worth, in my opinion.  Especially in a day 
when disk space really is cheap.


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