Lars Rasmussen lars.rasmussen at
Wed Jun 7 17:13:33 MDT 2006

I wanted to send a reminder since we're only ten days out from the festivities.

The BBQ will be held at the red pavilion of Scera Park in Orem (600
South State) at 5pm on Saturday, June 17.

RSVP and sign-up to bring stuff - we still need ice or other drink
cooling systems:

The purpose of the BBQ is to:

 * Let's the geeks show their foodie nature
  * Let the married geeks bring the families
 * Let the wives and kids see the geeks in action
 * Let the wives seek social counseling in dealing with their geek
 * Games!
 * Surplus Swap Meet! Clean out those closets, trade out the old
stuff. Bring everything - DI will get the leftovers.
  * Geek olympics (building strange machine out of surplus parts)


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