IMAP in house or other?

Steve smorrey at
Wed Jun 7 03:52:23 MDT 2006

Wow!  I was messing around and found what appears to be an awesome
solution for in house, it's called Axigen, and while it does cost
quite a bit, it's absolutely the easiest email server setup I have
EVER used.
Anyone have feedback on how this solution works in the long term?

On 6/6/06, Jeff Schroeder <jeff at> wrote:
> Steve wrote:
> > One major concern is that since we are growing so fast we really
> > cannot afford to lose even 1 single email...
> >
> > ... What we need is to either implement an "in house" IMAP server or
> > go with a hosted solution.
> Unless you have great faith in the connectivity of your office internet
> connection, as well as the uptime of your mail server, and your ability
> to effectively administer said server, it seems to me that a hosted
> solution will be the better choice here.
> It's not to say you couldn't do it in-house, and in fact that option is
> probably attractive for several reasons, but when you talk about
> "cannot afford to lose even a single e-mail" it sounds like it's
> something best left in the hands of professionals.  Hosting companies
> have redundant servers, multiple backbone connections, 24/7 staff to
> monitor and fix problems, etc.
> Moreover, hosted e-mail for a dozen users (even a hundred) isn't
> terribly expensive.  Weigh the cost of the "lost e-mail" scenario with
> the cost of paying someone to run your e-mail and make sure it's solid.
> $0.02,
> Jeff
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