IMAP in house or other?

Steve smorrey at
Tue Jun 6 19:56:37 MDT 2006

Hello everyone,
Our new business is growing quickly and we now have a need to
implement a decent groupware package to try and keep everyone

We have settled on and realized that it would be best
if we could implement some sort of IMAP for inhouse email.

There are currently 10 people who need an @ our domain email for the
groupware to function as effectively as possible, however since this
is an online community business this need will expand and contract
rapidly and frequently.

I would very much like to make sure that IMAP is adopted quickly and
it would not be at all problematic if we lost all the stuff currently
in our POP3 system which is being hosted by

One major concern is that since we are growing so fast we really
cannot afford to lose even 1 single email once the groupware solution
is being fully utilized for customer service though, (currently we
just use it for in house bug tracking etc).

What we need is to either implement an "in house" IMAP server or go
with a hosted solution.  Since this is the first time I have ever been
in a predicament like this I was hoping someone who has been at a
similar crossroads could do a post mortem on the decision that was
made when they went down this path.

Also if you went with a dedicated IMAP host, who you choose, why and
how has that been working out for you?  If you went in house, what
package did you use and how much maintainance was required, how hard
was setup and how stable was the solution?

Anyways thanks in advance everyone.


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