wireless connection

Laurent R rj45rt at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 5 20:06:59 MDT 2006

  I am not familiar with your operation system. Maybe you can find some 
command or accessory to help you monitor the traffic. It is some kind of 
windows tools like the attachment I copied from Microsoft Windows.

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>I'm sorry. I don't understand what tool your talking about.
>On 6/4/06, Laurent R <rj45rt at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>Hi, Russel:
>>   How about your connection. Pls. monitor the traffic from your network
>>interface driver. You can find the input and output traffic by the tool.
>>there only input traffic or output traffic, or the traffic between input
>>output does not balance. That does not mean it should be equal. I think it
>>can help you to find the root cause on technic point of view. Maybe I can
>>help you if you would like to show the traffic statistic.
>>Br/Laurent R
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