Steve smorrey at gmail.com
Sun Jun 4 23:38:59 MDT 2006

Hmm I did not know that.
Just curious but is there a way to autoconfigure a serial over USB
connection when a device is connected?

On 6/4/06, Shane Hathaway <shane at hathawaymix.org> wrote:
> Steve wrote:
> > All I get is...
> > [4922573.437000] usb 1-2: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and
> > address 42
> I would guess that means the kernel doesn't have a driver for it.  USB
> device drivers typical provide a few lines of text in the kernel log.
> > By the way how on earth do I tell what version of Kubuntu I am running?
> Ubuntu and its derivatives use date-based version numbers, so if you
> downloaded very recently, you might have 6.06 (meaning 2006, June).  My
> wife is using Ubuntu 6.06 now and she's quite happy with it.  She's not
> a techie, but she has a strong preference for Ubuntu over Windows.
> Shane
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