Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Sun Jun 4 23:33:22 MDT 2006

Steve wrote:
> All I get is...
> [4922573.437000] usb 1-2: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and
> address 42

I would guess that means the kernel doesn't have a driver for it.  USB
device drivers typical provide a few lines of text in the kernel log.

> By the way how on earth do I tell what version of Kubuntu I am running?

Ubuntu and its derivatives use date-based version numbers, so if you
downloaded very recently, you might have 6.06 (meaning 2006, June).  My
wife is using Ubuntu 6.06 now and she's quite happy with it.  She's not
a techie, but she has a strong preference for Ubuntu over Windows.


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